Masada & The Dead Sea

Masada and The Dead Sea Drive along the shores of the Dead Sea to Masada and learn about the heroic story of the Jewish fighters. Take the cable car up and tour the mountain fortress built by King Herod, where the Zealots made their last stand against the Romans. Visit the remains including: a palace, synagogue, water cisterns, mosaic floors, roman baths, walls  and other findings.  Descend by cable car or hike both ways.        

Now continue to the Dead Sea!  The lowest place on earth. Enjoy the unique opportunity to float in the Dead Sea. You will not believe how buoyant you are.  Then cover yourself with the mineral rich mud that many believe has therapeutic effects and wash it off in the water. Make sure to bring towels, sunscreen, water and flip flops. Do not shave anything the day you go for if you do the salty water will burn the shaved area.  


The Dead Sea



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